Crafting the Best Burger

gastro pub, Crafting the Best Burger

Flame On

The burger. It’s one of those foods we love, and one of those foods we love to love. Made ubiquitous by a bevy of fast food joints, the cheeseburger has long been a staple of cookouts, lunchtime, and bar food. This versatile, meaty sandwich is capable of going gourmet too, and has been outfitted with the fanciest ingredients and paired with the classiest sides.

With all this variety, what makes one cheeseburger better than another? Are backyard burgers hot off a flaming grill better than those from a five star kitchen? Is a bar burger more “authentic” than a gourmet concoction? What about sides? Is a burger and fries really the perfect combination?

Even if you’ve assembled the best ingredients, they won’t get you very far unless you prepare them properly. Microwaves, heat lamps, and freezers are no way to treat a burger. Cooking the burger over flame is the best way to awaken the juices of the meat that give it that irresistible flavor. At Winghart’s gastro pub, this is the only way we treat our meat – ground fresh daily and  fire-cooked.

After it’s cooked, it should be eaten – don’t let it get cold. Whether you do grill or flat top, the burger’s next destination should be your mouth. It’s a good thing we value service as much as we do flavor.

Fresh Ingredients

A burger can only be as good as the stuff it’s made out of. Whether you’re making a gourmet boeuf patty or some tasty street meat, using fresh ingredients is a must. Locally sourced veggies are only a farmer’s market away, and most towns have a bakery, but finding some fresh sirloin is a challenge that’s worth the effort.

gastro pub, Crafting the Best Burger

Bringing it all Together

As I said, we love to love cheeseburgers. With that in mind, one of the best ways to enjoy this meaty treat is with friends and loved one. If you’re cooking burgers, you can’t just make one, right? And isn’t a night out always better with others? To make your burger the best it can be, the most important thing is to share it with those that matter most.

gastro pub, Crafting the Best Burger

No matter which end of the burger spectrum you lean towards, there are certain techniques you can use to make your burger rise to the top.

So how do you make the best burger? Do it the Winghart’s way. Get the freshest ingredients. Cook them over an open flame. Serve with love and the enjoy with the ones you love.