Pittsburgh – the Best City for Burgers?

Best Food South Side, Pittsburgh – the Best City for Burgers?

Community Agriculture

It’s no secret that Pittsburgh is one of the best cities for food and foodies. With a plethora of restaurant options, a fusion of different cultures serving authentic cuisine, and great meals at a price that is easy on the wallet, Pittsburgh is a food paradise offering best food south side.

Is the ‘Burgh the best for burgers though? Hold onto your buns as we explore the factors that make this city great for grabbing a sizzling sandwich, best food south side.

Part of crafting the perfect burger is having the best ingredients. When it comes to ingredients, fresh is best. Pittsburgh is packed with farmer’s markets, local farms, and other types of  community supported agriculture that make it easy for chefs to get quality items to build their burger creations. From local dairy cheese to meat ground by butchers daily, Pittsburgh makes it easy to get the best ingredients to build the best burger and best food south side.

Best Food South Side, Pittsburgh – the Best City for Burgers?

Old Meets New

Burgers run the gamut from classic staple to culinary masterpieces. Whether they come from backyard grills or high-class restaurants, burgers are always sure to please. As a city, Pittsburgh also possesses this broad appeal.

Pittsburgh is well known for being the “Steel City,” a moniker that speaks to its blue-collar roots. Our citizens are hard-working, down-to-earth folk that appreciate honest yet delicious food.

At the same time, Pittsburgh is thriving with universities and young entrepreneurs. Currently enjoying a burgeoning renaissance of tech and innovation, the city has something to offer professionals and cosmopolitans as well.

Best Food South Side, Pittsburgh – the Best City for Burgers?


You’d be hard-pressed to find a city with more heart. Our loyalty and passion drive everything we do. It’s why Steeler Nation spans the globe. It’s why Pittsburgh is climbing the ranks of the best cities for foodies. It’s why the city is in the top ten  most liveable in the country.

When we do something, we go big and we go bold. This holds true, whether it’s the aspirations of our residents, or the burgers they eat. So come join us as we raise our buns in a toast to our town and its delicious food.