World Class Bar Food

, World Class Bar Food

What is World Class Bar Food?

It sounds like a misnomer, doesn’t it? Like a collision of opposite ends of the culinary world. High end meets lowbrow. Refined meets fried. Burgers meets brie. However, each of these realms can learn something from the other, to combine and create something that is greater than the sum of its parts.

At Wingharts, we’ve made this oxymoronic philosophy of World Class Bar Food our own. By taking the practices of gourmet fine dining and applying them to bar food, we’ve brought new life to classic staples. Every dish on the menu is planned so that it only uses locally sourced, fresh ingredients and can be made in-house daily. Furthermore, our items are crafted with passion over iron and flame, not in microwaves and freezers.

, World Class Bar Food

But it’s more than just the food. Everyone knows that part of the fun of eating out is the restaurant’s atmosphere. Wingharts will make you feel right at home, with cozy seating and a friendly staff with a passion for service. We’ve built our experience around our guests, so that they can enjoy a fun and unpretentious meal.

Forget greasy processed foods. A fine dining mindset combined with a blue collar heart has empowered us to transform regular bar food into World Class Bar Food.